Time as Construct

course outline:

I. Science and Technology
measurement of time – calendars, clocks, atoms
theories of time – from Aristoteles to Einstein
time of the universe – from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch
time of the earth – geology and evolution
time and its paradoxes
time in medicine: a time to heal, a time to die

II. Time and Society
creation of time
concept of time in ancient peoples – myths and gods
anthropological time: India, Australia, China, Egypt
when the pace quickens – revolutions and time
time in the Ottoman Empire
the problematization of time in the Turkish Republic
time and economics

III. Time and Philosophy
Derrida and postmodern time
feminist critiques of time
historiography: time as narrative

IV. Time in literature & the arts: deconstruction, reconstruction
narrative time: Robbe-Grillet, Cortazar, Nabokov, Borges
painting: personified time and the art of portrait
cinema: representational time
music: I Got Rhythm

V. Remembrance of Things Past
 psychoanalysis – from Freud to Kristeva

VI. And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen
the ontology of the present
the postmodern tense

VII. Future tense
predictions & prophecies

VIII. The End of Time
ideologies – from Marx to Fukayama

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